Navigating Your Career Journey: Find Your Passion and Pursue your Purpose!

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Do you see your future self utilizing the degree you earned in school? Are you in a “career” you love and are passionate about? At all stages of our careers, at some point, we may all ask ourselves these very questions. In today’s fast paced and ever-changing job market, it’s not unusual to question some of our career choices or find difficulty being resolute about our personal purpose. My latest e-book, Now What? 12 Strategies To Landing The Career You’ll Love, Not Tolerate, speaks to these concerns. This e-book covers 12 strategies that will guide you as you navigate your career journey. It is an easy read that provides proven and impactful ways you can immediately drive changes in your career. Applicable to a range of audiences, the 12 strategies covered can be used as a foundational resource for recent college graduates looking to explore their career choices, mid-career professionals looking to pivot or seasoned professionals looking to jump back in the job-market.

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